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    A born creative, Andrea has been coloring outside of the lines since early childhood in her sleepy Indiana town. As a working artist in both abstract expressionism and interior design, she incorporates a unique storytelling approach to both processes that tap into the role of narrative and ancestry in one's identity.


Her design philosophy focuses on imaginative and unexpected mixes: the alchemy of interiors rich in collected layers, bespoke details, vintage objects, and unearthed family treasures. With thoughtful curation and collaboration, each space gives form to the stories and personalities of its inhabitants.


Spontaneous, exposed, expressive, and layered; each of Andrea's paintings illustrates her personal narrative and physical response to the commonplace; revealing the magic in the mundane. Process and understanding are complex; therefore, some pieces take moments, others take years. And as a true maximalist, the larger the canvas, the better. 

Art commissions are currently accepted, however, availability is limited.

All paintings available for purchase are listed on the website.

Questions regarding design, artwork, commissions, or to schedule a design consultation, please email Andrea at:

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